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to converting cold customers without sending them an email or paying for ads.

Sending emails to cold customers is dead!

The new way of getting your message in front of a cold audience is not only cheap but results in an almost 100% open rate.

3 Simple Steps To Convert Cold
Leads Into Customers Using Brainio


Create a project

Create your first project. Enter your message including the subject of the message along with your full name and contact details.


Upload domain list

Upload a CSV file containing the list of domains you want to send your message to.  If you have an email list you can upload that and Brainio will convert that into a domain list. If you have neither you can use scrapepilot to scrape the web for new customers.


Start the Brainio engine and watch your results

Start the Brainio engine and watch your results. Brainio will run in the background even whilst you sleep. You will notice results the following day as Brainio needs time for its AI algorithm to study the domains you uploaded so it can fill out the forms correctly.

The only way to scale your business is by converting cold leads into customers

Contacting cold leads should be the first step of your funnel and the most effective way to do this is using Brainio.

Never send cold emails or cold call a business again. Brainio is the new way of marketing to businesses that don't know you.

“...hands down the best sales strategy that I have every implemented.”

I wish we discovered this software earlier. We spent over 1 million on B2B cold ads with facebook for nothing. Brainio and Scrapepilot are the most important tool in our business and without them we would not be where we are now.

- Simon Page

Brainio is the beginning of our marketing funnel. We have never seen the results that Brainio gives us with any other strategy. Sending cold emails to businesses that don't know us always gave us really low open rates and paid ads for cold traffic is like burning money. Every message Brainio sends is opened and best of all landing in junk mail or having your ISP blocked is a thing of the past.

- Jason Riley

Your cold lead generation should run on autopilot. Brainio is the only way to do this and provide unmatchable results.

Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee Brainio will beat any other method of B2B cold marketing or your money back.