Sending cold emails is now a thing of the past.

Brainio messages your customers directly through the contact form of their website. You do not even need to know their email address, just the domain of your potential customer. The process is completely automated and guarantees a 99.9% open rate. Watch our video to learn how we do it.

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What is Brainio?

Brainio is a B2B marketing software that uses AI technology to fill out your message on your customers contact form of their website as if you were doing it yourself. It even solves the recaptcha code and protects your IP from getting banned. Sending a message on the businesses contact form will result in 100% deliverability. We are seeing 99% open rates compared to 1 - 2% open rate when sending cold emails. Your message never lands in spam due to the way contact forms work and the way our AI fills out the form. The best thing is you set it and forget it. Upload your list of domains, or upload your email list for Brainio to convert to domains and Brainio will do the rest. If you don't have a domain or email list you can generate it using Scrapepilot. Scrapepilot will crawl websites that meet your search criteria and generate a CSV with their domain address and email. Everything you need to generate leads for your business all within Brainio. This is a all in one solution for the most powerful marketing you can do for your business. keep in mind Brainio works for B2B marketing only as it requires a contact form in order to send your message.

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How does Brainio work?


Create Project

Create your first project. Enter your message including the subject of the message along with your full name and contact details.


Upload CSV

Upload a CSV file containing the list of domains you want to send your message to.  If you have an email list you can upload that and Brainio will convert that into a domain list. If you have neither you can use scrapepilot to scrape the web for new customers.


Start Brainio

Start the Brainio engine and watch your results. Brainio will run in the background even whilst you sleep. You will notice results the following day as Brainio needs time for its AI algorithm to study the domains you uploaded so it can fill out the forms correctly.


Brainio is a world first AI software that gets you unlimited leads without the need to send emails.

We guarantee you will achieve your highest ROI using Brainio to generate leads.


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Paid ads are way too expensive to generate cold leads making it hard for smaller businesses to survive, especially with the new IOS updates. Brainio solves that and evens out the playing field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being a world first software that provides this solution, you might have some questions.

How does it work?

Most businesses have a contact form on their website and sending a message on the contact form always gets delivered to the owner of the business. No chance of landing in spam since the message is sent via the businesses own domain or is system generated. Brainio analyses their contact form and fills out your message in the appropriate fields as if you were doing it yourself. It mimics a human and for the domains that have a recaptcha security, Brainio has partnered with 2captcha solve it all in the background. Send up to 250 messages per project and scale it to as many messages as you like. 

How is sending a message on a contact form any different to emailing?

When you send a cold email the change of you landing in your leads inbox is significantly low around 1-2% for most businesses and from those only 20% are opened. When a message is sent through the contact form using Brainio, the message is converted into a system email coming from the businesses domain and always lands in the inbox. Even better these emails are always opened and we are seeing an average of 99.9% open rates. 

What if the business I want to message doesn't have a contact form?

Most businesses worth doing business with have a contact form although some don't. In that case we extract the email address and email your lead directly. That way no lead is left without receiving a message. 

How to let Brainio know which businesses to send my message to?

Brainio requires a domain list in CSV format to work. However, if you have an email list Brainio can convert that to a domain list. Brainio will then analyse every website on that list, identify their contact form using it's intelligent AI algorithm and send your message. If you don't have a email list or domain list you can create one using Scrapepilot.

What is Scrapepilot?

Scrapepilot is our intelligent internet scraper that will extract domain of any type of business you want. For Example: If you are looking to generate leads from real estate agents then Scrapepilot will extract a list as big as you want. Once you have your list, you just upload that into Brainio and start generating leads. We used scrapepilot and Brainio to grow this business along with other companies we operate and now you can do the same.